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Booking an Appointment

At The London Breast Clinic we have a specialist Breast Consultant available every weekday, so you can usually have your first appointment within 24 hours.


At The London Breast Clinic we have a specialist Breast Consultant available every weekday, so you can usually have your first appointment within 24 hours.  In some cases it may be possible to have a same day appointment.  We always endeavour to schedule appointments at times which suit you.

Normally your first visit to The London Breast Clinic will be on the recommendation of your GP, company doctor or other specialist who will normally have sent us a letter explaining the reasons and background for the referral. If you are given a copy of this letter, any medical reports, x-rays or results of tests pertaining to the condition for which you have been referred please bring them to your first appointment. To ensure the smooth running of the clinic please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.

As part of our rapid diagnostic service when you make an appointment to see one of our Consultant Breast Surgeons, we will also make an appointment for a full field digital mammogram and breast ultrasound to ensure that all routine investigations, where possible, and if required, are done on your first visit. The Consultant Breast Surgeon will determine during the consultation whether these investigations are necessary.

When booking the initial appointment we will try and complete as much of the patient registration process with you as possible, so that your initial visit is spent purely on seeing the consultant. However, if this is not possible then we will arrange a convenient time to call you to collect the information.

The information we require is:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your contact telephone numbers
  • Your date of birth
  • Your nationality
  • Your occupation
  • Your GP (full name and address)
  • Who recommended your referral to The London Breast Clinic
  • Nature of problem
  • Have you already seen any other specialists e.g. gynaecologist? (full names and addresses)
  • Are you seeking a second opinion
  • Your Medical Insurance Company
  • Your Policy Number
  • Medical Insurance Pre-authorisation number for this claim
  • Whether your policy covers out-patient treatment

To ensure the smooth running of the clinic, please arrive 15 minutes before your consultation time.  Please also bring with you any medical reports, results or x-rays relating to the condition that has given rise to the referral.

A referral from another Doctor or Specialist is essential if you are expecting your medical insurer to contribute towards your treatment. We recommend that you contact your medical insurers in advance of the initial visit to ensure that they will authorise and therefore contribute to your claim. If they raise any objection to the referral please contact Hamish Millar, Commercial & Financial Director at 108 Harley Street, as it is always easier to resolve any issues with them in advance of any treatment.

Subsequent visits can usually be made by self-referral as it constitutes on-going management, however you should check that this is acceptable to your medical insurers.

Patients paying for their own treatment can of course self refer at any time.

To make an appointment simply call 0207 563 1234 , Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm (5.30 pm on Fridays). 

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