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The London Breast Clinic was established in 1991 by Mr Jerry Gilmore to provide rapid access to investigation, diagnosis and treatment of all breast conditions.  Investigations, including full field digital mammography with tomosynthesis and ultrasound are available on site with our onsite 108 X-ray and Imaging.

We provide a full range of integrated breast care services for both benign and malignant disease, including screening, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, reconstruction and after care. Our Breast care team is led by specialist Breast Consultants with Breast Care Nurses dedicated to minimising patients’ anxiety and available to support you in every aspect of your treatment.


The London Breast Clinic is a BUPA Approved Breast Care Unit.

Multidisciplinary Working

Our multi-disciplinary team (MDT) includes specialist surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, oncologists, Breast Care Nurses and other experienced health professionals.  The team works together to provide the best possible assessment and treatment of benign and malignant breast disease. 

All cases undergoing triple assessment, all post-operative cases and any non-concordant cases are discussed at weekly MDT meetings to ensure optimal management in all cases.

Meet The London Breast Team.

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