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Mr Richard Sainsbury MD FRCS

Consultant Breast Surgeon

Mr Richard Sainsbury MD MFCS
Mr Richard Sainsbury is a myHealthSpecialist recommended Breast Surgeon

Richard is now full time in the private sector having recently retired as Consultant Breast Surgeon at Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust and IOW NHS Primary Care Trust , a post he had held since 2007. He moved from Royal Free and University College Medical School London where he had been Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Surgeon and Head of Breast Services at UCH since 2000, having been previously been a Consultant Surgeon in Huddersfield for 12 years. He has retained his ongoing research programme at UCH concerning the mechanisms of breast cancer, he is also actively involved in advising government bodies on the optimisation of breast services. He has written several books and many scientific papers on breast cancer. He joined the team in 2000. 

Presentation: Less is More or why narrow resection margins are sufficient

For more information on Mr Sainsbury you can visit his website www.internationalbreastsurgeon.com

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