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Our nurses have undergone specialist breast care training. To ensure continuity of care and a full understanding of your situation, they are available for pre and post-operative information, advice and support for both out-patients and in-patients on all aspects of breast care. This includes general breast health, self-examination, breast screening, breast reconstruction and breast prosthesis information. Our breast care nurses provide support before, during and after treatment for you and your family, act as a patient advocate and provide an ongoing link for you with other medical staff.

Breast awareness is an important aspect of women caring for their bodies. Familiarity with their breasts means women will be aware of normal changes. More importantly they will notice anything unusual. Regular self-examination helps ensure any changes are noticed early. Our Breast Care Nurses can provide information and advice on breast awareness.

The basis of Breast Awareness is:

  • Knowing what is normal for you.
  • Knowing what changes to look and feel for.
  • Self-examination looking and feeling.
  • Contacting your GP immediately any changes are noticed.
  • Attending for routine screening if aged 40 or over.

Formal counselling can be provided by Professor Amanda Ramirez


What to Look For?
When to check your Breasts?
In the Shower or Bath
In Front of a Mirror
Lying Down

For further assistance or any questions contact our Nursing Team.

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