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Our multidisciplinary team work together to provide a comprehensive Rapid Diagnostic Breast Care Service which includes: 

Our Clinic is structured for the rapid assessment of breast lumps by clinical assessment, imaging
including mammography with tomosynthesis and/or ultrasound as appropriate with Fine Needle
Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) or core biopsy as indicated and MRI if required. Read more about
our X-ray and Imaging Facilities

Our Consultant Breast Surgeons are happy to provide a Second Opinion Service if a patient
having had a diagnosis elsewhere wants this reviewed and/or wishes to discuss the treatment
options already proposed.

Mastalgia effects 85% of women during their lifetime. It is rarely associated with breast cancer.
Cyclical mastalgia is the commonest type (this occurs a few days before the period is due). Our
Breast Consultants have a particular interest and expertise in mastalgia (both cyclical and non-
cyclical) and its treatment.

Advice regarding genetic predisposition to breast malignancy and the appropriate investigations
is available from a consultant geneticist who specialises in genetic testing. We also offer BRAC
Analysis services.

A system using minimally invasive techniques whereby some benign breast lumps can be
removed under local anaesthetic using either mammography or ultrasound guidance. This
procedure is done in the 108 Day Surgery unit.  General anaesthetic is not required so there is no need for an overnight stay in hospital

Our Consultant Plastic Surgeons offer a complete range of cosmetic procedures includes mastopexy (breast uplifting), augmentation (enlargement), reduction, nipple reconstruction and correction of congenital deformities.

Reconstructive surgery may be required to restore the shape of the breast following mastectomy, matching to the remaining breast as closely as possible. This can be done either as an immediate Reconstruction at the same time as the mastectomy operation or at a later date.

Oncology is the treatment of tumours with drugs, hormones and radiotherapy by Clinical Oncologists.   Our breast surgeons make referrals to oncologists who work in partner hospitals and specialist cancer centres such as Leaders in Oncology Care (LOC) conveniently located in Harley Street.

The use of high-energy x-ray beams to treat the breast tissue. It is usually undertaken in our partner hospitals under the supervision of our Clinical Oncologists after surgery by the Consultant Breast Surgeon.

Breast Implant Review

We are happy to provide a review for those patients who wish to check the integrity of their breast implants. The patient can either have a clinical review with a surgeon and ultrasound or choose to have an ultrasound only.  There is a very rare condition associated with breast implants called Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Larger Cell Lymphoma (BIA ALCL). 

Read more about this on our BIA-ALCL page

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