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Requesting a second opinion (or transfer of care) is your right and is not regarded as discourteous by your original team. For complex cancer treatment plans we advise a second opinion to help clarify options and confirm important decisions and final treatment plans. This ensures you have a personalized care plan which will allow you to obtain peace of mind before you start complex treatments.

The multi-disciplinary team (MDT) at 108 Harley Street are highly experienced at providing second opinions and/or transfer of care for UK or international patients with breast cancer or non-cancerous conditions. The service provides clarification of the diagnosis and treatment options. We work with the original team if requested.

Most women who request second opinions are very pleased with the care and advice they have received from the original team and often return to the care of their original team either in the NHS or privately. Some women, however, choose to remain with The London Breast Clinic MDT for their treatment.

In some cases, for whatever reason, the patient’s relationship with the original team has broken down. In these cases we can liaise with the GP to arrange a transfer of care either back to the NHS under the care of one of our consultants or to remain with the team here at The London Breast Clinic 108 Harley Street.

We are also happy to assist patients who have had their first referral and diagnosis at The London Breast Clinic with obtaining a second opinion elsewhere, if they wish.

Second opinions can range from a detailed and in-depth consultation with a breast surgeon to a full MDT review depending on the issues and questions. If the second opinion is complex it may require more than one consultation. The breast care nurses will support you through the process.

Clinical history and examination, review of written reports/documents, letters from original doctor/team, pathology reports - needle tests and blood tests, imaging reports (mammograms/ultrasound, MRI, CT bone scan etc.). Following the consultation a detailed and comprehensive report will be provided. Any further nursing support, letters etc. chasing reports will be proved as required.

Breast surgeon second opinion - Cost £350

Breast Care nurse discussion: To establish the reason for the second opinion and what issues do you wish to focus on, what you need to bring.

When patients book a second opinion consultation (up to 30 minutes face to face in the first instance) please ask to speak to the breast care nurse so we can try and help guide you as to the questions to ask. We can also guide you about what to bring and help with obtaining imaging and pathology reports, letters/documents. We can also help obtain these from the original team if required


  • Is the diagnosis correct or do I need other tests?
  • What are my treatment options?
  • Do I need a mastectomy or are there other options?
  • What type of breast reconstruction is best for me and should it be done at the time of mastectomy or at a later date
  • If I have cancer in one breast should I have both of my breasts removed – is it safer?
  • Do I need all my lymph glands removing?
  • Do I need surgery if the chemotherapy has removed all my cancer?
  • Should I have this lump removed even if it is innocent (benign or non-cancerous)?
  • Is the diagnosis correct or do I need other tests?
  • What are my treatment options?
  • How to manage acute or chronic breast infections?
  • How to manage a possible increased risk of breast cancer?
  • Is there an abnormal gene or a family history of breast cancer?
  • Are there abnormal changes on the mammogram or on a biopsy? For example atypia, ADH, LCIS etc (so called B3 lesions).



Review of pathology slides by our specialist breast pathologist £275
Review of mammograms by our specialist breast radiologist £125
Review of MRI by our specialist breast radiologist £250




Mammogram £220
Tomosynthesis Mammogram £275
Extra Views £125
Breast Ultrasound £220
Ultrasound including Axilla £265
Core Biopsy including Pathology £1300

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